Sunday, July 26, 2009

the summer breeze feels so good

the summer breeze feels so good, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Altered my route today due to the high humidity. I shortened the length and changed to one where there was lots of tree cover. I was hoping the shade would help and it did. The course change did add a big element of more hills but that was the price to pay today.

I took a couple of stretch and water breaks, lengthening one to Twitter about the hope for rain. It turned out to be a passing cloud, nothing more than that.

I added a stop at the Dunkin Donuts on the last stretch to enjoy a nice coolatta but alas their machine was down and nothing of that sort was available. I passed on the coffee as it was already too hot.

Walking the final stretch home by Spruce Pond, I enjoyed the breeze. You can see evidence of it in the ripples on the water surface.

Weighing myself I found I lost about 7 pounds of water weight. I have been hydrating myself all afternoon and am not quite back to normal yet. Good excuse for a second beer today!

What is the lesson from running in the heat?

Adjust to the conditions. I ran slower, took a shadier course, and carried water. All things that Amby Burfoot covers in his recent Runner's World article on running in the heat. It is good advice to follow.

May the roads and trails be kind to you!