Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Jordan Road well

One of my favorite routes in Franklin runs along Jordan Road. I prefer to come in from Chestnut St. It is a set of rolling hills until you reach this well. Just passed, about a 100 meters or so, the road declines finally and stretches out to RT 140.

I find it very symbolic to 'go to the well' just before the peak of the climb. This is a good run and one I come back to frequently.

(1) What is your favorite run? Why?

(2) On this Thanksgiving Day, it will soon be time to go to the family well, give thanks, and draw sustenance. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Six miles for Sunday

A great weather day to run. I created a semi-new route combining pieces of other routes to get a longer one in today. Longer in that I wanted more than 5 which I had been doing the past couple of Sundays and a change of scenery. 

As it was Sunday, going out along 140 wouldn't be too bad. The traffic was much lighter this morning than it would be on a Saturday or evening time period. Heading out from Parmenter to 140 starts out mostly downhill and then I end up working up gradually pretty much all the way back. Good for a work out.

Note: while the distance is calculated at 7, I rendezvoused with Dolores at Cafe Dolce for coffee and the walk home. A good six miler for today!

Leave no buddy behind!