Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Universal rules for running on windy days

It is quite cold and windy today in New England. Temp in the single digits F wind the wind gusting 20-40 MPH.

Did it stop me from running?

Should it stop you?
No, as long as you follow the three universal rules for running on windy days.

1 - dress appropriately - On cold weather days, this usually means in layers. At least a good warm layer that will wick the sweat away from your body and a good wind shell layer. Depending upon your preference you can additional layers. On a warm day, it may be a minimum of shoes/socks and a bathing suit. Or perhaps, if running along the surf, discard the shoes/socks and go barefoot.

2 - run into the wind going out - pick an out and back course or a loop course and head into the wind to start. It may be cold but you'll be fresh and ready for it, as ready as you would be at least.

3 - run with the wind on the return - at the end point of the out and back, or farthest point on the loop, you should be able to turn and run with the wind at your back. This will increase the warmth immediately and you may start to undo a layer or two. It should also reduce the resistance that you were feeling as you ran into the wind. Coming home now, you can run more easily without fighting the wind.

What are your running on windy day secrets?

Monday, December 07, 2009

Shoes but no running

Even though I got my shoes all tied properly and ready to go, the snow came and I wimped out. This turned out to be a zero mileage week. Not good but the schedule conspired against me :-)

At least that is what the log will show!

2 pair of shoes; laced  key pocketed and ready for the next run

I hope you had a good run Sunday, snow or no snow!