Thursday, January 24, 2008

sherku: "Run Less, Run Faster"

sound approach, practical
advice, great science for
impressive running results

A short form book review of "Run Less, Run Faster" by Pierce, Murr, Moss

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sherku: moon shadows

Pale blue field, bright white orb
casts shadows racing around
me running this morning

What is a sherku?

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good 6 in the cold

Got my second 6 miler on a Sunday in earlier today. Both last week and today felt good. I used the same route for both runs, a nice rolling course. Last week I started a little slower for the first half, running at 9:15/mile pace and then finished stronger with the last three at about 8:45/mile. Today was much more even, all six miles at 9:00/mile.

Gradual progression scheduled now as I up the distance for my Tue/Thu runs to 3 each and the Sunday run goes to 7 for the two weeks, then 8, then 9, then 10...

Once that far, it should be almost warm enough to run some track work and get into the real FIRST program to get ready for some summer and fall races.

It feels good to be back.

How are your runs going?

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Feed Alert

I went ahead and created a new podcast feed and linked it to the prior feed.

is happy with it.

iTunes is happy with it.

Since the problems with the feeds started on or about the 10/14/07 posting, I have submitted all those that came after that to this new feed.

If you do want to listen to the prior ones (prior to session 42), you can follow this link here to my directory and choose the ones you want.

If there is enough demand (i.e. either comments or emails) I could also repost the earlier podcasts to the new feed.

Use one of the subscription options on the right column.

If you do have any trouble please let me know.

Originally published 11/12/07
Updated 12/27/07

I heard from Curt that he is having a problem with the feed from iTunes not having any podcasts since 10/14/07. As there may be others with the same problem, I am putting this up top for a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fund Raising for Taline

I received the following in an email from Taline recently. I contributed to her effort in 2007 and did so again this year.
On April 21st I'll be running my second Boston Marathon!! Despite the injuries and challenges I faced during my training last year, I'm testing my mental and physical boundaries once more and also trying to beat my 2007 finish time.

Last year with the help of my friends and family I was able to raise $6200 for the Daniel Marr Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester, and this year they have awarded me a number again as I have committed to raising $5000 for their organization.

The Colonel Daniel Marr Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester is a safe haven where children can participate in over one hundred different programs in art, music, sports, education, peer leadership, and life skills. I hope you will consider sponsoring me and supporting my fund raising efforts with your tax-deductible donation. Online donations can be made through my secure page

Thank you in advance for your support as it was, and continues to be, the guidance and encouragement of those around me that motivates me to try my hardest and do my best in all facets of my life. Thanks, Taline
Good luck, Taline!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon - 1/24/08

NCM Fathom, in partnership with and Wasserman Media Group, is proud to present “Spirit of the Marathon” on the big screen in high-definition with Cinema Surround Sound on Thursday, January 24th at 7:30PM (local). Don’t miss your chance to see the Chicago International Film Festival’s “Audience Choice Award” winner!

“Spirit of the Marathon” is the first ever non-fiction feature film to capture the drama and essence of the famed 26.2 mile running event. Filmed on four continents, the production brings together a diverse cast of amateur athletes and marathon luminaries. As six unique stories unfold, each runner prepares for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. More than a sports program, “Spirit of the Marathon” is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph; a spectacle that will be embraced by runners and non-runners alike.

Four years in the making, “Spirit of the Marathon” is the collaborative effort of three-time Academy Award winner Mark Jonathon Harris, Telly Award winner and marathon runner Jon Dunham and producer/marathoner Gwendolen Twist.

A “Behind-the-Scenes” featurette produced specifically for and shown only at this one-night event includes interviews with the director and producers as well as marathon veterans reminiscing about their first marathon experiences. The featurette highlights deleted scenes, dramatic race footage and previews the upcoming 2008 Olympics with a Q&A session with Olympians Deena Kastor and Ryan Hall.

Tickets are limited ... Please note: this event is at participating US locations only.
For more information, including locations and ticket purchase go here

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hess Fields trail, Danville, PA

Hess Fields trail, originally uploaded by shersteve.

I had a good run last Sunday while visiting some friends in Central PA. MapMyRun came in handy as I found a run I had mapped last time visiting here and combined that one with a new option to put together a good five mile course including this fine trail stretch.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Thank you for coming here to read and continue the conversation.

Wishing you and yours all the best this year!