Friday, January 11, 2008

New Feed Alert

I went ahead and created a new podcast feed and linked it to the prior feed.

is happy with it.

iTunes is happy with it.

Since the problems with the feeds started on or about the 10/14/07 posting, I have submitted all those that came after that to this new feed.

If you do want to listen to the prior ones (prior to session 42), you can follow this link here to my directory and choose the ones you want.

If there is enough demand (i.e. either comments or emails) I could also repost the earlier podcasts to the new feed.

Use one of the subscription options on the right column.

If you do have any trouble please let me know.

Originally published 11/12/07
Updated 12/27/07

I heard from Curt that he is having a problem with the feed from iTunes not having any podcasts since 10/14/07. As there may be others with the same problem, I am putting this up top for a couple of weeks.

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