Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shoe netting

Shoe netting, originally uploaded by shersteve.

What's with the nylons?

The new brace creates a couple of pretty good gaps between the brace and the shoe, enough for pebbles to slip inside on the run.

Not a good thing as the pebble will then create pain in a greater preportion than its size would normally indicate as it presses against the brace.

Fortunately, the nylon (cut from some of my wife's older ones) creates a lite and effective screen. I had been using the old reliable, Duct tape to seal and hold the nylon to the shoe/brace until I could find these velcro like hooks. With a little luck, they'll stay in place and I can then stretch the nylon over each time.

Should be a little more sustainable than the duct tape. Tried today for the first time and learned that I need to keep the velcro sticky side on the plastic or leather. It doesn't hold well against the cloth parts of the shoe.

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