Saturday, February 27, 2010

No photo stop

It is a weird weather pattern that we appear to be stuck with here in the Northeast/New England. There is this nor'easter just stuck spinning around above us and dropping flurries here and there, some times in blinding fury, sometimes in gentle waves.

Amidst some of that, I ran today. And ran fairly well. It was a long run (about 8 miles total) and the longest scheduled recently. I had two decent runs earlier this week. The tempo run of about 3 on Tuesday and the pace work on a nearby hill loop on Thursday that covered about 3 in total.

One more long run scheduled before the St Pat's 5K down in Providence. I should be good and ready. It is still way early in the year and cycle of running but the race in Providence will be a good barometer of conditioning. It is a good course, uphill going out and once turned around basically down or flat returning. A good course to practice running negative splits.

Coming by Spring Pond in along Washington St in Franklin, I was sorely tempted to stop for a photo. The pond had an opening of water before the ice took over. Reflected in the water were the clouds that resembled a nice snowy peak. It could have been a nice photo but it would have broken my rhythm before the hill (which I was dreading anyway) so I dared not.

The image is captured in the mind. Maybe a future run will present a similar photo op in better circumstances.

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