Thursday, July 08, 2010

run in the shade

Sunday's long run was a good one in familiar territory out in central PA.

As warm as it was in Franklin we had the same weather, so I did my long run early before the temp rose to the high for the day. For most of the run, I was able to stay on the shade side of the road and out of the sun.

A cap and a white t-shirt also helped to deflect the sun.

Take care when you run in the sun and heat.


DJ said...

Thought I'd share that I ran my 1st 1/4 mile this weekend since knee surgery in mid-March,m 2010. The challenge will be to pace myself for increased distance, but am excited that I've started! Will watch this blog to keep me motivated.

Happy blogging...D

Steve Sherlock said...

Donna, congratulations on the start. Be patient, listen to your body and come back gradually. You'll be much happier that way!