Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Refreshed by going to the well

Went running late Sunday afternoon, not my normal time. I prefer to run in the morning before the events of day get rolling. The snow in the morning changed those plans. Made more sense to go in the afternoon when the roads would be clear. I could put my foot down and know it would stay there instead of slip sliding this way and that.

One of my favorite routes is out Chestnut St to Jordan Rd and over to RT 140 back to Chestnut/King and home.

Jordan with its rolling terrain provides a good workout. I did stop for a couple of photos but it was worth it. The photos came out well and I had a good run. I was refreshed by the well!

The energy generated by the run, keep me going into the evening. All that fresh air was a good re-charge to the body so I could get things done.

How do you get a re-charge late in the day when you need it?

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