Saturday, October 28, 2006

Proper Heart Rate Calculations

The Complete Running Network has been highlighted here previously for being a good source of information on and around running. You can get there easily clicking on the CRN logo located in the right column. Today, there the is a good article by Mark Iocehlli on how to calculate your heart rate and level of effort. Mark writes:

Wikipedia does an excellent job of describing the Karnoven Method:

Target Heart Rate = ((Maximum Heart Rate – Resting Heart Rate) × %Intensity) + Resting Heart Rate

So, for someone with a Maximum Heart Rate of 180 and a Resting Heart Rate of 70 we have two examples:

For A 50% Target Heart Rate: ((180 - 70) × 0.50) + 70 = 125 bpm
For a 85% Target Heart Rate: ((180 - 70) × 0.85) + 70 = 163 bpm

Read his full article for all the details. He will come back with more

... next week we’ll talk about the basics around Resting Heart Rate, Maximum Heart Rate and how to measure them.

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Mark I. said...

Thanks for the plug, Stephen. I've broken the next piece into two that will run on Wednesday and Thursday.