Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why do we run?

Found this good quote from Joe Weissbard writing at (Not) Your Average Joe

... the glory we seek is not external. We do not need the pats on the back or the big super star attention. It is an internal glory we seek, we have to prove to ourselves that we are tough and can overcome anything.

Even when I go out and run alone, I have a goal in mind before I even start. It may be a certain time or a certain terrain I want to conquer, but only I know what that is. When I achieve this goal, I am internally victorious and glorious.

I think you distance runners know exactly what I am talking about. Most people would not understand what I speak of. It is a self assurance that one can only get from not giving into the pain, from overcoming severe muscle aches, cramps and the feeling of your stomach and lungs collapsing.

Just know for the rest of your lives, you will take this work ethic with you. Every part of your life will be like a run. Sometimes you will feel like you are going to die and you cannot get over the hump. Other days you will be in the zone.

No matter what though, you will always have the mind and heart of a distance runner. You must treat every obstacle as a race and keep fighting.

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