Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MapMyRun comes through on the road

MapMyRun came through for me again on the road this weekend. As mentioned elsewhere, I was in the northern VA area and ready to run 3 miles Sunday morning. Driving into the hotel parking lot late Saturday night, it was too dark to get a good look at what the area was like and where I might be able to run.

Rather than just throwing on the running gear and going for a real "explore", I typed in the address of the hotel and scoped out where I could go for three miles. It worked very nicely. I chose not to add the route to my saved favorites but I could have if I wanted to. I don't when or if, I'd be back to this area (not that I wouldn't want to, it was a nice visit).

If you are doing some traveling, check out your travel destination (domestic USA) on MapMyRun!

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