Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The other son John also left his shoe

I found one shoe the other day on Union St in Franklin.

Running this morning, I saw one along RT 140 but I was in stride and didn't want to stop. I turned the corner onto King St heading on the home stretch and saw this second shoe. It made a pair with the one on RT 140. I had to stop for this one now.

If CSI: Franklin were involved, I could speculate that the boy, strapped into his car seat, sitting by the back window of an SUV, playing with his shoe managed to take one off and either accidentally or intentionally it went out the window. This one on King St was the first. As he realized what he had done, he went to take off the second one and tossed that also. That was the second shoe along RT 140.

By the time, they arrived where they were going, the mother was left with a son with no shoes and no idea where they went.

I had a good run avoiding the rain today.

Three shoes in less than a week? Creative kids or inattentive parents?

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