Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parmenter 5K results

Not a bad run for starting out too quickly. When I hit the first mile in about 7:00, I knew I was going to be in trouble. That normally would be a good pace, but I knew I had not done the work to keep that pace going. I slacked off to about 9:00 and then came on stronger in the 3rd mile. It helped that the course was all through my neighborhood. I knew the streets well.

I come up Peck or Wachusetts to King to finish all runs anyway. Coming up Peck to King was an advantage mentally and I caught a couple of places there. The final turn on Wachusetts coming into the front of the Parmenter School was a nice down slope so I could stretch it out and leverage gravity. I needed it by that point.

I did finish about 40 seconds better than the 5K at the St Patrick's Race in Providence. A good improvement for the amount of work I have done to date.

I need longer runs on Sat/Sun and some good track work to continue to work on building the pace strength. The pace is there, the strength is not (yet).

The official results are available at Cool Running

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