Sunday, August 30, 2009

300 miles this year!

The heat has broken finally. The remains of Tropical Storm/Depression Danny left behind plenty of liquid and now we have a cool spell coming. Just in time to get some good runs in.

I had gotten to the track Friday for the first time in awhile. I did some easy strides up and down steps in increments of 100 meters (100-200-300-400-400-300-200-100). It felt good to stretch the legs out. It was also good to feel pleasantly tired for the remainder of the day.

I ran 5 this morning choosing a good rolling course. I ran slower than I thought I might although considering I did the track on Friday and this was the first long run since the beginning of the month, it was a decent one.

Turned out to be a milestone in that I ran my 300th mile this year during the run this morning. The return to conditioning is well underway. With some New England autumn weather to look forward to, I should be able to get some good runs in.

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