Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't like the humidity

Yes, humidity is very high on my running "Don't like" listing. Actually, the only thing higher on the listing is not running at all.

So I do.
Under duress.

  1. appropriate clothing
  2. appropriate hydration
  3. a shortened or shaded route
  4. earlier in the day (or even later in the dark)
and it is not that bad after all. A good workout is going to generate some sweat anyway. Running in humidity just means you get wetter sooner. But as some said, you only get wet once.

Just two easy miles for the log today. I didn't run last Thu or Sun. I really have missed my last two long Sunday runs due to the heat/humidity and quite hopeful that this weekend, I'll be able to get a good run in.

What do you do to run in the heat?

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