Monday, April 12, 2010

Long run Sunday

I got in a good long run Sunday, 15 KM according to my Droid ERIS Tracker app. Not bad. Especially considering that the last time I went that far was August 2006.

Yes, there is a story there. Most of it reported here over the time since then.

The reader's digest version would go like this.
August 2006, good runs on the three day FIRST Program. Generally 3-5 miles on the tempo run, 3-5 miles of track/pace work and 10-15 miles for the long run on the weekend.

That lasted until my kneecap slipped out of position on the kneeler at church one Saturday night and then again during the run Sunday morning. Stayed off running for a couple of days, but when I tried again, the knee cap would move. No pain but it wasn't supposed to do that so I checked with my doctor who sent me to therapy.

Spin forward several months I get the clearance to resume running and the knee fortunately is fine.
Gradually work the mileage back up and when I get to 5, the ankle starts bothering me. Now, what?

Turns out that I had rolled it during a temp run in late 2005, but kept running as it wasn't a bother. Worsened it during the half-marathon in Boston early 2006 but again recovery from that race everything seemed okay. Until the knee cap slipped and then trying to work the mileage back up again was raising the ankle as an issue.

Another round of doctors, x-rays, MRI's etc until finally in November 2008, I saw Dr Leavitt who provided the ankle brace that I have worn while running since then.

It has been a long and gradual return to good mileage. I should have been up to this distance last Oct/Nov except for the heat spell during August that caused me to loose some significant mileage.

No problem, I have patience. I am in it for the health of it as well as making some improvement on my avg race time. Getting up to this distance sets the stage for some good runs ahead.

May the roads and trails be kind to you!

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