Friday, December 24, 2010

running along

Time does fly by when you are having as much fun as I am these days. First post in December and it is almost over? Wow.

I have been running and pretty regularly too. Just not spending time writing here. Sorry about that folks. I trust that you are well aware of where else I write so that you can find out what else is going on.

If not, here is a quick summary:

Steve's 2 Cents - my take on revealing the good experiences of daily life. I have been spending time sharing what I learn and developing a one word theme for each of the #the5 I find and share that day.

Job Search Jam Sessions - two events completed this year with planning underway for more next year. First up a track at the PodCamp Western Mass will be devoted to this topic. We get to leverage the social media expertise of the folks in the greater Springfield and Western MA area to help those looking for work.

Franklin Matters - a good deal of time is spent here. I did participate and report (mostly live) from 65 meetings during the 2010 calendar year. (No wonder I don't have much time to spend here!)

My current contract project management position is keeping me busy. My volunteer effort for the Franklin Food Pantry has been mostly behind the scenes thus far (other than what has been posted on FM) but with their website renewed for 2011, the work there should become much more visible.

So with 3 more days to run in 2010, I have only 2.3 miles to go to exceed what I accomplished in 2009 and I feel good about getting there in one more run.

Then it will be time to layout a schedule for some runs in 2011 and set the plan to improve upon the mileage and average time that I accomplished this year.

How have you done this year? What are you planning for 2011?

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