Sunday, December 04, 2005

Milestone 12/4/05

Milestone 12/4/05
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Yes, 900 miles... at the beginning of the year, it did not seem likely. Now, it is a minor disappointment that I won't get to 1000 (forecasting to end up about 980-990). I could but don't want to risk the injury factor. The three day program has been doing very well. I want to keep with that and gradually modify the mileage rather than add another day or so to put in the other mileage to get to the 1000 mark.

Time enough for next year!

May the roads/trails be kind to you!


Chris said...

Congratulations on your milestone. I find that logging my miles really helps keep me motivated. I can see by your graph that you've been good about logging miles for some time. Quite a boost in '05.

Steve Sherlock said...

Thanks, Chris. In this format, I go back to 2001. I have been running for 30+ years and keeping track has been important. Unfortunately, over the years, the tracking has changed formats and it is not worth the time to redo it all. From here forward is most important for me.