Sunday, February 26, 2006

Go Pacers!

A good bunch of Pacers are in Hyannis, MA today for the Half-Marathon which is due to start soon. It is 16 degrees here in Franklin with wind chill down to 1. According to it is slightly warmer there, 25 degrees with wind chill to 7. Good ol' ocean temperatures!
I wish you all the best today Pacers!
PS - I would be with them but need to take my daughter up to VT to spend an overnight on campus at St Michael's College so she can help to make her decision as to where she will end up next September.
Yes, it is a tough life but someone needs to lead it.
I did my run already this morning. I started at 7:00 AM and ran the alternate 10 mile route for the first time. It is a good course. A couple of good rolling hills in there to make it interesting but nothing unbearable and not as hilly as our Big Apple loops. I took me about 88 minutes to cover the 10.2 course so I did pretty well for a cold day alone.
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