Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Two for 6 on Tuesday

A little fun with numbers and alliteration tonight.
Two Pacers out on the roads.
Exploring. In the dark.
Found a new section of a development that I had not known existed before.
Well, yes, it was, but not bad. Still in the 30's.
Roads wet, no ice to worry about.
No breeze to fight against. A nice night to run.
The moon was rising.
Waning but still almost full. Peaking through the trees at first.
Above the trees as we finished and we were not gone long.
Approx. 6 miles worth to add to the log book.
The schedule starts to get a bit crazy.
I won't make it Thursday.
Foxboro's 10 Mile and 5K run on Sunday (2/19).
School vacation follows.
Then Hyannis is the Sunday after (2/26).
Some Pacers are going to each of these runs.
We may not see some folks until the dinner in Providence on March 4th.
May the roads and trails be kind to you.
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