Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Passionate Runner: Creating Running Routes

One in a series of podcasts on running, this one focusing on factors to consider when creating a route and for selecting a route to run your workout.

Time: 6 minutes, 42 seconds

MP3 File

The notes used to create this podcast:

Types : out/back, point to point, loop (figure 8, loop the loop, etc.)

Terrain : flat, hill, rolling, city, country, water front

Weather : prevailing wind, sunny/shady

Surface : dirt/grass, composite track, asphalt, concrete

Camber : surface tilt

Distance : short (1-4), medium (5-9), long 10+

Variety : explore, reverse, time/day considerations

The same course every day is still different, your body/mind set is different, the world has changed

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