Sunday, May 06, 2007

Passionate Runner: Reply to Surface Question

Another in a series of podcasts, this one answering a question from a reader/listener on whether you should only train for a race on the surface that the race will be run on.

Time: 6 minutes, 36 seconds

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The notes used in creating this podcast:

This is an answer for a reader/listener question: Should you only train on the surface that you are going to race on?

Unless, the surface is unique, no. And even then not all training should be done on that surface.

It is more important to train for the pace you plan to run the race
to prepare for the distance of the race
than for the surface itself

It is always good practice to review and be aware of the course. If you can drive it, or run it before hand, great. Many in the Boston area, run sections of the marathon course as part of their regular running.

If the surface is unique, like beach sand or mountain trail, then yes, some workouts should be done on that surface to prepare for the race
But not all workouts, variety is better

The ten surfaces in declining order of goodness for the workout are grass, woodland trails, earth (dirt), cinders, synthetic track, tread mill, asphalt, sand, concrete, snow/ice.

Vary the surface
focus on pace and strength over the distance of the race
and you will be successful

The ten surfaces comes from a Runner's World article by Marc Bloom and Steve Smythe that can be found here.

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