Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another milestone this year

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Just into today's 10.5 mile run, I crossed 800 miles for the year to date. As the chart depicts, the most in several years.

The legs feel tired but the good kind of tired. Nothing a nap or a good night's sleep wouldn't cure.

Don't know that I'll manage a nap today but will be looking forward to the pillow tonight.


gillian said...

How do you keep track of your miles? Pedometer, or do you just run specific routes? I suppose Google maps could help...

In any case, congrats. Just thinking about your accomplishment makes my legs tired.

Steve Sherlock said...

Thanks for the note Gillian...

Many of the routes are "standard distances", once measured always remembered. For new routes I'll clock by time and effort to estimate and then if I really need to go back with car or bike to measure it.

And then I keep my log. One in Excel (the techno-geek has its way), one via paper (to note the waether, who I was with and other not quantifiable info.

Interesting discussion came up with the Pacers yesterday where the guy when mapped the Sunday routes last year was now admitting that he may have incorrectly recorded the milage. I protested that it was not likely as I had been running the routes for so long the times and efforts seemed to be in the right ball park. He insisted so I did go out and re-mreasure the courses. If they were off it was only by one tenth of a mile.

The body knows how far far is... :-)