Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Know when to walk away, Know when to run

Continuing this golden oldie theme, Kenny Roger's The Gambler comes to mind tonight.

You got to learn to play it right
You got to know when to hold them
Know when to fold them
Know when to walk away
Know when to run
You never count your money
When you're sitting at the table
There'll be time enough for counting
When the dealing's done

At the track for the Pacers workout, we were scheduled to do 6 x 800 but we determined early on, that we would cut back to 4 x 800 instead. Last week I ran alone and struggled somewhat to maintain pace. The week before that, we were continually on pace. But tonight, even with company; we were off pace a little on the first, more on the second, more on the third. I recovered enough on the last to bring it in under the target but my partner was behind.

Actually, I think the lyrics popped into my head on the first recovery run. The tiredness from Sunday had not quite gone away. Pushing it tonight, with a race coming up this week, did not make sense. Hence the lyrics.

You need to have confidence to do this.

To "know when to walk away, know when to run".

The gremlin will arise and taunt you.

Be confident. Do what needs to be done.

"There'll be time enough for counting when the dealing's done."

We did stop at 4, took our mile warm down and called it for the day.

Have a good run!

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