Wednesday, June 07, 2006

APECS - a good choice for fitness

Along with some of the NC Pacers, I took advantage of a trial class at the Athletic Performance Enhancement Centers (APECS) located in Medway. Located off RT 109 it should be fairly easy to find for most people. Hustling from the train station to get there on time, I missed a turn and ended up a few minutes late. That did not stop me from jumping right into their "warm up". I only wish I had taken a couple of minutes to tie my shoes before getting into the warm up. But that is my fault not theirs.
The warm up was more than that. It was a good part of the workout. Quick one or two minute exercises; crunches, push ups, quick feet run in place, etc. You name it, we probably did it. I could hardly keep track it was so quickly paced. As a runner in good shape I was able to handle the pacing. It quickly told me something I already knew, I need to work on my upper body strength. My breathing was fine, my legs were good but my arms were quickly shown to be the weak spot.
With just time enough to grab the towel and water bottle, I got paired with an experienced member for the station workout. Here as well as the warm up, my arms failed me but my legs were fine. I did a resistance run (waist belted to a resistance rope), then to push ups on hanging rings, to resistance jumps (another waist belt to springs), to high knee steps on the marked floor, to a rolling climbing wall (yes, as you climb, the wall rolled down so you never reached the top, pretty slick), to pushing a 100 lb weight long the floor, to dragging some unknown (but very heavy) weight with a shoulder strap either by walking or running, to a jump rope station (the second time there I got the longer jump rope and did pretty well. I used to do that way back in high school prepping for basketball.), to the suicide runs... I think I missed a couple of the stations but you get the idea.
All this in just under an hour.
My partner was very helpful and supportive. The equipment was good. Clearly used but not abused. The room was not overly large but enough space with the stations spread around. A mirror wall on one side helped to expand the room. Most of the floor was the outdoor grasslike carpet.
My t-shirt was soaked but I felt okay. Supposedly I really find out tomorrow. We will see.
So would I recommend this?
If you want an indoor exercise arena, with professional support and guidance, with enthusiastic support from the other participants, then yes, you should consider this.
I need to spend more time on my upper body work and with the right amount of discipline I can use the weights I have and also do some simple pushups to provide the extra conditioning that I really should have.
If I find myself lacking in this discipline, then this would be a consideration.
So if you are in the Franklin/Medway area, check out APECS.
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Apecs is fantastic!