Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pick it up at the end

Completed a good week of running, three days, twenty miles total: one day of speed/pace work, one tempo run and a distance run. I missed my walk with my wife by being out on some errands while she walked in the rain yesterday but I did get a day of extra non-running training in with the APECS class on Wednesday.
Coming to the last mile today had enough to pick it up for the finish. It is good to do this for a couple reasons:
  1. Psychologically - good positive reinforcement to finish a run strong.
  2. Physiologically - helps to teach the body good effort (i.e. running strong) when it is tired.
It helps when runners appear on the road ahead of you. It provides a target to go for and some extra incentive to get there.
What other reasons can you think of for a good finish to a good workout?
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