Sunday, June 25, 2006

Between the showers

I managed to get a decent run in between the showers today. It was pouring early and as we had overnight guests, I did not get out to join the Pacers for the Sunday run or get to the Timlin Run in Hopkinton which had been my other options.
No big deal, the company at home was good. Great conversations, making connections and then cooking breakfast took most of the morning before they all headed out on the road in various directions for their return trips.
I watched England squeek by Ecuador with a good score by Beckham (yes, he of the "Bend it like... " fame). Finished cleaning up from yesterday's party before catching the melee called the football game between Portugal and the Netherlands. What happened to the beautiful game? No joga bonita in this one!
Then after the game, after the down pour took a break, I hit the roads. The first three were relatively easy/comfortable at about 9:00 pace, then the last mile and half I picked it up to close at just about 8:00 pace. Still sticky and warm. Almost wish it was raining more than the little spritz it was doing at the time. Might have been more refreshing.
May the roads/trails be kind to you!
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