Sunday, June 06, 2010

Long run, back before the rain

Got the run in before the rain today. Some nasty weather is forecasted for this morning and afternoon. It was humid but bearable this morning.

As I went up Summer St, I passed one woman walking her dog. We exchanged 'good mornings'.

Further up the hill on Summer, another woman was walking. As I said good morning, she replied, 'show off!' I said, 'one step at a time'. One of those moments when upon reflection, you could say more. On the run, the moment passed. She was behind me, the hill topped out ahead of me and I had miles to run.

In the race of life, we are each on our own path. Are we competing? Only if we are both trying to obtain the same thing and it is in short supply.

Perception is reality for some folks, I guess.

I prefer the understanding the big picture, finding my place in a good sandbox to play cooperatively.

A good day is learning something new, sharing something with someone so that it makes a difference and finding something to laugh about.

What do you think?

BTW - as I updated my mileage tracking spreadsheet I realized that today was a milestone with the 200th mile completed this calendar year!

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