Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tri or no tri?

I Had an interesting Friday. I ran my 4 miles in the morning, facilitated the Hopkinton Networking Group meeting, held my first 'office hours' on the Town Common to discuss Franklin matters, and then came home to go for a bike ride along the Blackstone River Bike Path with Dolores.

All went well until about 2.5 miles from the finish when the back tire started chattering at me. I stopped and sure enough, the tire had picked up a splinter of wood that could have easily been a spike. As soon as I removed it, woosh! the air escaped!

Fortunately, it was only 2.5 miles back to the car. Otherwise, Plan B would have been implemented.

A cold frosty went down nicely when we were both safely home, albeit a little later than we anticipated.

So for the scorecard, it was four miles running, 14.5 miles bike ride, and 2.5 miles walk. That's a tri right!

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