Thursday, November 09, 2006

3 Pacers 4 Quarters

Three Pacers showed up for the track workout tonight. The penultimate track workout for the season. Next week will be the last Thursday on the track. The week after is Turkey day. The week after that, we start at Tri-County High School and do our "hill" workout through the winter.
The three who showed up tonight had not got together in a while so they had plenty to talk about and the warm up mile went quickly. The quarters were pretty much on steady pace except for one who wanted to bust it out a little. He got a gentle talking to as they warmed down.
The lights went out on the field as we finished the workout but before we finished our warm down, so the warm down got shortened.
A good night to run. Thanks for the company Pacers.
PS - I only did some walking and then kept their splits for the quarters.
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