Thursday, November 02, 2006

My kind of coach!

Yes, it is heartening to hear of a high school coach where the kids say:
"We have a really big team and everyone on the team is really enthusiastic, no matter how good they are," said senior co captain Chris LaPlante. "That makes it really fun."
Glowing praise comes from the Athletic Director:
Jon Kirby praised Kraemer for encouraging students to participate in a difficult sport.

"He's kind of the pied piper of it," he said. "It's a grueling sport and he just gets the kids to come. They work hard for him, and do well."

But the best one from me is not in the record that has been accumulated (it happens to be quite good in dual meets) but the following:
Whatever the final results of this season's championship meets, both Aigler and LaPlante said they want to continue running in college and beyond. "I think I'm a lifelong runner," Aigler said.
Aigler and LaPlante are the co-captains of this year's boys team at Medfield High School.
I have seen too many coaches go for the record and run their athletes to the ground. I would much rather see the record be whatever it is, and athletes develop to be their best and run forever.
Way to go Coach Kraemer! Keep up the great work!
The quotes are all from an article in the Boston Globe West section by Charlie Russo. Thank you Charlie for sharing this with the Globe readers.
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