Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Knee update - there is an injury

The first physical therapy session today was a relief. While the previous doctor visits were short and perfunctory: X-rays - negative; MRI - negative. There wasn't even a confirmation that there was something there.
But there is, she saw and showed a slight swelling (fluid) not enough to do something about but there was an injury, more likely caused by the knelling than by running (which I suspected and expected).
The balance between the legs seems good, the left is slightly off from the right but that may be more due to post injury than to something that contributed to the injury. Whee!
So I have some exercises to do, four of them. A couple I am familiar with. One I actually can do while sitting at my desk at work. So we'll dig into those tomorrow.
In the meantime I am relieved. I really didn't expect it to be major but the two sets of negatives got me concerned.
Now, I can safely say I will concentrate on strength and stretching for the balance of this year, and look forward to getting back on the roads in January. That's my plan for now. We'll see how it goes.
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1 comment:

Mark I. said...

That sounds like good news to me! Not a MAJOR problem. Good luck with the exercises, Stephen. :)