Thursday, February 22, 2007

Small world

Light snow tonight
Big flakes. Falling softly
Sounds of the world around
muffled by the snow
The interstate, about half mile away, seems further

My own breath is more distinct
My footfalls are quiet
softened by the snow
not yet deep enough
to create another set of crunching sounds

The suburban road lined with utility
poles casting circles of light
brings shadow racing into play

As I approach one pole, and take
the quick peak over my shoulder
something you are not supposed to do in a race
I see it's there and coming strong
as strong as I am running
but no matter
the light pole is approaching
and as it does the shadow disappears
for an instant, it is gone
then it is ahead and drawing away rapidly
as rapidly as the light pole falls behind

my shadow darkens ahead of me
strong for a few strides
(show power when you pass someone)
then it begins to fade, into circles
of light and dark
on the road in the snow
where my foot prints
will be the first tonight

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