Sunday, March 29, 2009

clothing dripping to dry

I realized that running in the rain is a progressive resistance workout. As I got out of my wet clothing, I realized how much it weighed. That was a lot of water it held, as evidenced by the dark shadow on the floor, the puddle the rain left as it dripped from the clothing.

It was a good 6 mile run today. One of my favorite routes. The rolling hills along Pleasant St provide a short slope up, incentive to maintain stride, hold the pace, keep the rhythm going. Then the road flattens out a bit, allowing for a brief respite before slopping up again. The slope and flat pattern occurs about four times, then you turn into downtown where is rises again and then on King St the last slope before home.

The rain didn't bother me. Didn't really notice it while running other than keeping watch for the road puddles to avoid.

A nice warm shower after getting out of the wet clothes gave me a good start to the day!

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