Saturday, March 21, 2009

St Pat's 5K - Providence, RI

I ran the St Pat's 5K down in Providence, RI today for a good timed workout. It was a good course, out and back. Slightly uphill going out and then on the turn around but the best part was the slight downhill all the way back.

Rough estimates for my splits were
first mile - 8:20
second mile - 8:20
third mile - 8:00

See that downhill came in handy!

The gun time at the finish was 26:02. I estimate about 40-45 seconds lost at the start between the gun and crossing the actual starting line. The chip time could come in at about 25:20 if my calculations are correct.

Not worrying much about it. This was a good first workout. I really haven't gotten into speed work yet as I have primarily still been building up the mileage and only in the past couple of weeks did I get 5 miles on Sunday. This result is great considering.

Have a good run today!

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