Saturday, April 08, 2006

Boston Marathon Tip

Consider the course and how everyone talks about the hills, especially Heartbreak Hill...

Consider the fact that the high point of the course is actually at the starting line in Hopkinton...

Consider the fact that overall 18 of the 26 miles are run "down hill"... (down defined as the ending elevation for the mile is lower than where it started)

If the course were laid out as an up or down map (PDF), it would look like this:

1 down
2 down
3 down
4 down
5 up
6 down
7 down
8 up
9 down
10 up
11 down
12 down
13 down
14 up
15 up/down
16 down
17 up
18 up
19 up
20 up
21 up/down
22 down
23 down
24 down
25 down
26 down

You drop 300 feet in elevation in the first 4 miles.

A controlled pace at the start is so crucial to running a good Boston.

Control yourself.
Take your time.
Enjoy the crowd.

Your body will thank you when you reach 21 miles and you have some strength left to finish the course.

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