Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mountain biking in "Vietnam", MA

Running with the Pacers the other night we were having a post run discussion about the bike trails that can be observed along Route 495 Northbound near the Milford/Route 85 exit (Exit 20). There was an article in the Travel section of the Sunday Globe but I could not find any reference to it in the online Globe edition.
I could find a reference point on the New England Mountain Bike Assoc web site to what they call "Vietnam". The web site talks about how the land was purchased, is maintained, etc.
The calendar on the Blackstone Valley Chapter web site shows trail work is being scheduled for
Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Vietnam, Milford, MA—Merlin Trail Care Series

Even if you don't normally ride the trails at these locations, its a great opportunity to meet those that do, lend a hand and maybe get out for a ride.

Contact John Goeller for more information.

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Caitlin said...

My husand and I have been looking for those trails as well. Last weekend, we went on a hunt, but came up short. I'm assuming you also know about the old railroad trails that start in Milford and go into Holliston. You can so those from the highway too. It's about 4 miles long (not counting options for adding on). Anyways, I didn't realize you were at the Dean 10k. We were there as well.

Steve Sherlock said...

Yes, I'll have to do something different when I go to local races now. While I have blogged about running, I generally don't think about blogging (or connecting with bloggers) when I am at a race.

I was one of the louder voices saying "Go Pacers!" as the members of the group went up to pick up their awards. We had a good showing (in quantity) and did well to take four age group awards.

we'll have to hook up for another local race.

Caitlin said...

I sent you the articles from the Globe. My husband and I checked out the trail that begins when you get off the Rte. 85 exit (that you can see from the highway--although you can see more than one). If we're correct, it will be a future bike path. It's called the Upper Charles River Trail. You can find more information on Milford and Holliston's town websites. It will hook up with the trail we frequently run on (old railroad beds). It's a multi-phase project and will be a 27 mile loop trail that goes through Holliston, Milford, Sherborn, Ashland, and Framingham. It's too bad it will be paved because it's great the way it is now. I think "Vietnam" is more the trails that go off the path. They're more treacherous. I hope this helps.