Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cool start

What a difference the season makes!
A few weeks ago, 38 degrees F meant putting on the running tights, hat, gloves, nice long sleeve weather top and t-shirt to go out into the run and depending upon the wind maybe a light wind breaker jacket. Today, 38 degrees F, I dared to venture forth just in running shorts, long sleeve t-shirt and short sleeve t-shirt combo. No need for hat and gloves. The sky was clear and blue. The sun shinning. As we were finishing our 8 and 10 mile runs, the temp had already moved into the mid-40's with a forecast of climbing into the 60's by mid-afternoon.
Yes, it will be a glorious day here in New England today!
A group of five NCPacers did the long run splitting into two groups, three that did about 10 miles and two that cut back to cover 8 miles. Two other Pacers started their 4 mile run early so they missed two more NCPacers who started at the regular time to do their 3 mile loop.
We staggered the start times on our Sunday runs to accommodate the various distances people want to run but generally all finish about the same time so we can finish with conversation over coffee and whatever at the local Dunkin Donuts.
If you are in the Franklin, MA area and want some company for a run on Sunday, check out the schedule at the NCPacers home page. Nothing like a little company to make the miles go by quicker.
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