Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Union Ave tracks - Franklin, MA

Not just any old train tracks. These are the new tracks that were replaced on Thu/Fri this week and caused so much traffic in Franklin. This stretch of Union Ave happens to be one of the few routes to navigate from one side of Franklin to the other without going miles out of the way.

Well as the work crews were busy on Thu/Fri, many folks did have to go miles out of the way to get around. Or wait to move slowly along Route 140 through the center of town.

It is not normal for Franklin to have this kid of traffic so it surprised a good number of folks (myself included) when we came upon it with little or no warning.

The section of road will be under construction for some time as it gets rebuilt this summer. Hopefully, with the set of tracks replaced, the road will at least be passable albeit bumpy for most of the key drive time hours.

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