Sunday, September 24, 2006

Biking today

Continuing my knee resting program, I joined a couple of Pacers for the 'brick' portion of the workout today taking the ride for about 10 miles from the Big Apple around Franklin and Wrentham. The knee felt normal during the ride. I was able to maintain contact or at least view the others for the flat and incline sections. They took off on me during the declines. Something about speed and fear of falling at my age held me back. Now, I was going pretty fast but they were going faster. One clocked 29.5 MPH on the long down hill section along Summer St.
As they were joined by some others for the short run (3.5 miles), I did another short bike ride exploring some of the side roads off Vine Street. Then camera in hand, I walked out the course to meet them coming in. These candid shots are not rotating on our Flickr photo block on the Pacer web page.
I uploaded a bunch of others to Flickr that I'll post from as the week progresses.
May the roads/trails be kind to you!
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