Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Runner's diet

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Mostly a reminder to myself this time but as I write and you read, you can pick up the reminder too.

Running regularly means you need to get proper fuel to power the body. Yes, your diet, what you eat is important.

There are many diets, some fads, but also some basics. One the of the most basic facts comes down to a little math. If you eat more than you burn (with exercise) you wil gain weight.

Hence, when you stop running to rest your knee, you also need to start cutting back on your food intake (right,Steve) so you won't put on any weight.

This was part of the discussion amongst the Pacers who gathered for the Cole's tavern run last Thursday. I went for the company and stayed for a drink or two but did not run.

At the Dodge Poetry Festival, I'll need to get some walking in and been mindful of the food intake.

Can't wait to be back running. Less worry about food then.

Do you watch what you eat?

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