Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rainy day, funky knee

Rain today. The remains of Ernesto are spreading throughout New England. The rain is more of a steady drizzle than a heavy down pour. We did catch a good heavy shower as we started our three mile loop this morning. One Pacer buddy joined me early for this loop. We got thoroughly drenched and then it was just running in the rain.
I went alone for the next loop deciding to reverse our normal 7 mile route for a change of scenery. The first four miles were good. I varied the pace, working some of the up hill stretches, taking it easier on the down slopes. The drizzle was persistent but the temp was comfortable (about 60 F) so I was fine. Cruising along. Mind wandering here and there. Started down a shaky train of thought with a sexual fantasy and end up getting a quick stop as my knee did something funky. See nothing good comes from those kinds of thoughts.
Not sure what the knee did. It felt like something slipped. Something around the knee cap slipped and I stopped. Walking was fine. Apparently whatever the slip was, it slipped back into place. No pain, no problem. Just walked for a bit and then started jogging again. Made it another half mile or so and it returned. Not good. Another mile and half to get back to the start but fortunately walking is good and the rain is still a drizzle.
I checked out the neighborhood while moving more slowly through it than I would have by running. Eventually made it back to the start with some walks alternated with some good stretches of running easy.
May the roads/trails be kind to you!
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