Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kneeded a rest

Yes, there is a little pun in the title today. No, I am not staying away from running tonight to prepare some bread dough. As mentioned previously, my knee is acting funny and I think rest would be best.
I ran Tuesday evening. We did not use the track as there was a high school soccer game in progress and it would have been distracting to attempt a workout, never mind not too safe (with the possibility of a ball interrupting our strides).
My Pacer buddies and I opted to start easy through the neighborhood then pick it up for some half mile sections of the road where it was wide and well lighted. Yes, darkness is being a pain. Oh well, we will get used to it.
I was fine until closing out the second pick up, when the knee 'slipped'. I managed to finish without further incident but when walking around now the knee is not normal. I can feel it. Not good. Hence the rest for now. Possible doctor's visits ahead. There goes the remainder of my season. Crackerbarrell (9/16/06) and the Mayor's Cup (10/23/06) may be in jeopardy.
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