Thursday, September 07, 2006

Running well

I guess I did not get around to updating after Tuesday's track workout. It went well. A couple of Pacer buddies joined me for some 400's under the lights. Yes, it is getting dark earlier now. The Franklin High football team was on the field doing their thing so the lights came on as it got dark. That helped us.
We did 6 x 400 with a lap half walk, half jog recovery between repetitions hitting the finish line consistently at 1:39/1:40.
Tonight we did our tempo run. Three buddies joined me as we did our normal loop through the neighborhood. Two split off to do an additional loop and the other two of us maintained contact as we came in the last mile, practice running just off the other's shoulder to concentrate on our own running and let the other worry about the pace. Makes running a little easier if you can do that for stretches. Works well with a larger group as you have more options to play off each other and share the load on leading the pace. This is one of the keys to a successful cross country team. If they can maintain contact and work with each other, they actually will cover more ground and quicker than if they each went solo. Need to put aside a little bit of ego to run on someone else's shoulder but if you can do that, it does bring great benefits.
The best thing about Tue and tonight was I felt nothing funky with the knee (as opposed to what happened last Sunday). So I am very pleased. The Crackerbarrel 5K is rapidly approaching and I don't won't to have anything interfere with a good performance.
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