Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A coaching I will go (reprise)

I finally completed the take home exam from the USA T&F Level 1 course I took in March. I had scheduled to do the exam a couple of times earlier but something got in the way. Finally scheduled time on the train (instead of reading) to work through the exam. Doing the second pass on the train was more difficult so this past weekend, I set up the dinning room table and laid out the text and exam. I took a couple of sections at a time and worked my way through it.

One question is not covered in the text. Googling for an answer helps to clarify what they are looking for but the question is bogus. It is looking for only one answer and yet two of the choices are exactly the same. A third has the same words in a different order. Order happens to be important but this one is not the proper order. The fourth answer is a throw-away. I am leaving it blank expecting it to be removed from the exam. If not, oh well. I know what they were looking for but the question was a quality problem.

Results should be back in about 6-8 weeks they say.

I am confident. Only one of the 200 questions is a problem (as noted). I knew many of them on the first pass and figured out the remainder (including proofing those from the 1st pass) during the second pass.

Transferring the answers to the fill in the dots score sheet was the last thing I did today. It goes in the mail tomorrow.

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