Monday, March 20, 2006

A coaching I will go - Updated

Completed the Level 1 USA Track & Field coaching class held this weekend on the Villanova Univ. campus. A whole lot of good ideas were captured in my notes. I have been feed plenty of food for thought on running and how to improve my own running as well as the performance of those whom I coach or have contact with.
The presenters were good. The organization of the sessions were somewhat frustrating. If the point of the class was to cover all the material to get us all on the same page, they did do that but not as consistently as they could have. One of the presenters clearly had not seen the material before hand and was unfamiliar with the format. However, he was one of the better presenters in that he just talked from what he knew and logically went through the event piece by piece. As he tried to go back to the presentation, he was able to see that, yes, he covered this, covered this, etc. If the point was to have some interactive demonstrations to answer questions on how to do this in that situation, then they were only partially successful.
It was a long weekend (class from 6:00 PM 'til 9:00 Friday, from 8:00 AM 'till, 9:30 Saturday, and finally from 8:00 AM 'til 1:00 PM on Sunday). But unlike other classes I have had, I did not feel overwhelmed or brain dead from it. I was alert through out the entire session.
So stay tuned for updates here on a variety of topics related to the class. I'll have some tips, tricks, etc, to share.
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