Saturday, March 25, 2006

CoComment Problems

I was wondering what happened to CoComment. When I pulled up my own pages, the CoComment section did not fil in. When I tried to use CoComment, I got nothing in response. No error message, no nothing.
Now, I finally find this posting on their own blog:

We current face massive DNS problems to We are currently hosting our DNS as and they issued the following statement currently experiences massive distributed denial of service attacks against nameservers.
This affects DNS resolution of itself, and also domains which make use of nameservers.
We are very sorry for this issue, but we are working hard for a permanent solution.
Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately, we are also affected by this and is thus often not reachable from various locations. We are currently trying to move our DNS to another hoster, but that unfortunately takes time and as joker is quite busy it’s probably even harder than usual.

We are really sorry about this and apologize for any inconvenience you encounter. We hope the situation goes back to normal soon.

They have my email address. They could have sent me and each other user an email. Email is still functioning.
Maybe next time. (Oh, and while I hope there won't be one soon in this technical world, something will happen.)
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