Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Running Route Software Survey

As mentioned the other day, here are the questions that you can provide answers for to make our comparison of the currently 5 different web sites to map your running route.

Check out the Map Comparison for the listing of the sites and introduction to the comparison.

For each site you can use the same set of six questions.
Be sure to include the site name with each set of your responses.

Site name:_____________________

Q1 - How easy was it to create your short (1 - 5 mile) run?
Easy, Okay, Hard (select one)

Q2 - How easy was it to create your long (6 - 26 mile) run?
Easy, Okay, Hard (select one)

Q3 - Can you name this route?
Yes, No (select one)

Q4 - Can you share this route?
Yes, No (select one)

Q5 - Would you recommend using this site?
Yes, No (select one)

Q6 - Why?
(please add some specifics that you liked or did not like about this site.)

What are the five sites?
USATF's "America's Running Routes"

Please send all responses to me by March 19th!

I'll compile the results and publish them before the end of March.

Thanks for your help in this!

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Ray Schwartz said...

Do you have the results of the survey yet? I tried to find them on your blog.


Steve Sherlock said...

Sorry, Ray. I never did publish it. I have my input but unfortunately did not get any submissions from others. I'll put together what I have and send it to you.

Thanks for the prod!