Sunday, March 26, 2006

Good 10 Miles Today

There were a decent number of Pacers out today for our morning run. Some for the ten mile, a couple for some brick training (bike for 10 miles, then run for 3) and a couple of others for the normal 3 or 4-5 miles runs. As mentioned previously (but in case you are new here, we have a staggered start for these Sunday runs but they are timed to have us all finish about the same time). Another set of four runners were reported to be off on a Boston prep run with the Hopkinton Runners doing 24 miles on the course.
I was in the 10 mile group and we did well; managing to keep a conversation going most of the way and finishing in under 85 minutes.
The post-run conversation over Gatorade, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. at Dunkin Donuts helped to wind us down and get ready for the rest of the day and week to come.
May the roads/trails be kind to you!
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